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The CAdgeT

The CAdgeT 2.gif

  "You've got to be kidding," said Jeremy Weldon's father.  "Another piece of junk for our great big house full of junk?"

   The black and white machine lay on its back in the open box. Plastic eyes stared up at Jeremy like a frozen fish.

  • Jeremy gets a CAdgeT from his aunt Lydia. It a weird, funny cat clock that you power by winding a fidget spinner. 

  • There's something kind of creepy about it.

  • When Jeremy calls to thank Aunt Lydia, there's no answer.

  • He reads the instructions, but gives up when it gets to the fine print, disclaimers, etc.

  • He sees the the warning molded on the bottom of the CAdgeT, however: DON'T STOP ME.

  • His kid brother stops the the clock, just to be annoying. and goes out to meet a friend and his family at the park.

  • The brother comes back in an hour, telling everyone that his friend didn't show up.

  • Jeremy's mom is pissed off and calls the kid's parents: She learns that the friend got sick the afternoon and is in the hospital. Mom also reminds Jeremy to call and thank Aunt Lydia. No Answer.

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